Awesome seeing you here!

I’ll take it you read the rules, and are excited and looking forward to this amazing program.

Will it be easy?

Oh heck no! Nothing worth doing ever is! Was it easy to achieve neutral buoyancy? You spent copious hours practicing and diving until it became second nature. We are going to use the same mindset to our advantage!

Will it be polite?

Always! But it does not mean it won’t be controversial. In fact, I always find myself going against mainstream. I never do it on purpose but it is the natural result of intensive studying and realizing most of the popular health guidelines are long-term failures and work against us!

I am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you I speak the absolute truth. It is nothing like that. My role is that of the coach, that means I will guide you to discover your own truths and finally start getting the results you deserve.

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Are you the perfect candidate for this coaching course worth over $900?



I love positive attitude. Now give me 3 reasons why you should be selected in the comments section below, that's how you register. I will read ALL the entries and be fair in my selection.

Registrations close 4/22/2012 9 pm PST. Selected participants will be informed via email by 4/24/2012 and our first Online Workshop will take place on 4/26/2012. When the clock reaches zero, your opportunity to take part of this program for free will disappear!

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Time is running out!

Coach Izzy
Remember how I value action takers, that will improve your chances of being selected. Hint-hint, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

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Don’t be left out! Give me 3 reasons why you should be selected in the COMMENTS section below.