The Fit and Healthy Diver Project

My Dear Fellow Diver:

I'm in awe at how fast time goes!

I started this project shortly before discovering the immense power of Fascial Counterstrain for pain therapy. Little did I know how I'd immerse in this life-changing modality and how much I'd learn from it.

What led me here was my frustration in seeing my fellow divers starting their strength training programs only to be sidelined by injuries that seemed inexplicable. I witnessed how the classical therapeutic modalities were not helping the most complex cases so I took it upon myself to learn more.

Fast forward nearly 11 years. The demanding field of Fascial Counterstrain has completely taken my attention but it's opened my eyes to perspectives that would be impossible in the strength and conditioning field alone. As a result, I have a much better understanding of our bodies and the complex interactions of their systems, which in turn has helped me resolve complex pain cases in a manner that seems miraculous. But there's nothing esoteric about it. It's all science and quite explainable.

Though I no longer coach strength training on a one-on-one basis, I'm still an active consulting Strength and Conditioning Coach. Multiple fitness and strength professionals get in touch frequently to better understand our holistic interactions during movement and exercise.

So, yes, I'm still Coach Izzy, and I still enjoy the beauty of scuba diving. I'm embracing my passion more than before as I'm quite aware of the enormous difference that being fit plays in our sport. My learning journey has also helped me understand how the tone in my previous books deterred people from my message rather than inspire them. For that, I apologize and I keep my awareness tuned to how I communicate.

Please bear with me as I develop a newer and better program. Stay tuned!

Coach Izzy

Coach Izzy